The SGB Story…

Family owned and operated, Steve Giordano Builders is so much more than simply a construction company…

When Steve Giordano returned home from Germany after the war, he had two things in mind, hugging his beautiful wife once again and finding a way to give his family the life they deserved.

With that in mind, he took the first job he could find and starting providing for those he loved. And while the first couple of years were difficult as a door to door salesman, he never lost sight of what was important, leaving something for his family to rely on and grow with…

That goal became Steve Giordano Builders.

Though the company has come quite a way since first building houses with hand tools, the spirit and commitment of Steve Giordano has never faded from SGB.

That’s why we say SGB is so much more than a construction company.

We are a family, we are passionate builders, and for everyone here at SGB, we are the living reminder of what one man can do for those he cares about.

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Our Services

Design Building

From design table to the project site, we’re on hand to bring your vision to life

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General Contracting

Whether it’s commercial, residential, or municipal, no project is too big nor small

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Land Development

Proper planning, coordina-tion, and execution meet to to address complex projects

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