Giordano Builders Selected by Holtec for Indian Point Decommissioning Project

Holtec International acquired the Indian Point Energy Center after the facility was shut down permanently by Entergy, the operator of the site, on April 30, 2021. Holtec International acquired the site, and has begun the decommissioning process, on a timetable that will allow the release and reuse of parts of the site decades earlier than was previously anticipated.

In July of 2021, following the decommissioning of the site, Holtec International selected Giordano Builders as a principal subcontractor, with responsibilities for numerous aspects of the decommissioning project. Among the primary reasons that Giordano Builders was retained by Holtec is because of the company’s many years of past experience on the Indian Point site as a contractor to Entergy while the plant was in operation. The team at Giordano Builders has received extensive training specific to the site, and has an excellent past safety record, and was always regarded by Entergy as a preferred contractor on the site.

Giordano Builders is integrally connected to the local community. We are headquartered nearby, and our team lives and works in this area everyday. We are pleased to be working with Holtec on the decommissioning of this plant, and expediting the return of the local natural resources to the community. We are pleased to work with Holtec, a company that is unwavering in their strict adherence to NRC guidelines and environmental best practices, a company which has demonstrated sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the community. We applaud Holtec International on their tireless focus on safety and environmental stewardship